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Superstar Name: Big Buzzman
Nickname: "The Guardian Angel"
Superstar Type: Balanced
Superstar Height: 6'1
Superstar Weight: 220
Superstar Age: 29
Face/Heel/Tweener: Face
Superstar Attitude: Ex-member of the german special force GSG9.


Entrance Song: You're going down (Sick Puppies)

Superstar's Style: Bam Bam Bigelow-Style (Hard moves on the ground, but also a bit high-flying)

Superstar's History:
Big Buzzman is a german wrestler, who decided to join the "Bundeswehr" after his A-Levels, where he passed a very hard combat training for about 18 months.
After disregarding a direct order - to leave a wounded mate behind - by his captain, Buzzman was laid off the army and affiliated by a new special task force in the GSG9.
Four years later Big Buzzman quitted the service and met Jeff Hardy. - General Manager of Extreme Bloodshed Wrestling - who offered him a contract in his roster. Buzzman loved the new challenge and accepted on the condition that he could use the GSG9 gimmick.
He wrestled in regional (EBW), local (YGWF) rosters; but without the great perforation; until Black Spirit kept an eye on the self-named "Guardian Angel", who signed Buzzman for his continental roster Generation eXcess, til he got the opportunity to buy his own one - Living Hell Wrestling.

Finishers from the game:

Big Buzzbreaker (Direct Damage)
Big Buzzman lifts his opponent on his shoulders to execute a Samoan Drop, but wait...
Big Buzzman slams him with the neck onto his knee executing a devastating Big Buzzbreaker

Big Buzzbomb (Direct Damage)
Big Buzzman throws his arms around his opponent's body
and slams him with a 180-flip on the ground executing a devastating Big Buzzbomb

Big Buzzlock (Submission)
Big Buzzman runs towards his opponent and clotheslines him down to the mat. Than he starts his submission move by connecting the sharpshooter
and taking his free hand to heave his opponent's face executing a devastating Big Buzzlock

Big Buzzman Goes To The Ring Corner And Climbs Onto The Second Rope While Raising His Right Fist He's Nodding To The Beat Of The Crowd's Screaming E W O executing The Headbuzz

Catch Phrase:
"I'm the hell in your cell!"
Big Buzzman

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