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The monsters bio

Post  Ravenous on Mon Sep 14, 2009 11:21 pm

Name: Ravenous
Nickname:The monster,That Thing,Holy crap run
eyes: red
Ht 7,3
Finisher:Ravage Bomb(sheer drop release powerbomb)

He started life as a human.At the age of 18 he join the US Army and was the first to try a super soilder drug.It went wrong....very wrong.He started growing tough scale like plate over his skin.His height and mass increased far pasted what they thought it would.His teeth were replaced with a month full of razor sharpe teeth.His jaws grow more powerful and out more.His nails on his feet and hands hardened and grow into claws that cut almost cut into steel.Kept for years as a animail would be he espaced with the help of one of the men who made him.Time past and he jumped from side show to side show til a wrestling show came to where he was able to watch it at the side show he was working.He spoke to a manage at this smaal time wrestling show and the rest is histroy.His mind has deteriorated to the point where he is more monster than man.

Since being in the LHW Ravenous has been treated with a new serum.He once again regained his human side.He still holds a animal like senses and hunting skill.He's return to a more human height and weight but being 7'2 and around 400 pounds still makes him a monster of a man.He has also gone back to the mind set of a soldier in a army.His Army is now the eWo and his commanding officer is Big Buzzman.

(his style of wrestling is power and the ability to take anything other and dish out.His scaly skin can take large amounts of damage.He may noy be smart but fighting is skills havn't deteriorated.He knows good pinning holds and can also make you tap with his power he can use in his holds.)

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