Xero's LMS match

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Xero's LMS match

Post  Captain M on Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:52 am

The lights dimmed down, colored purple lights flashes. Music starts to play.

The crowd cheers loudly

Captain M comes out to the arena. Fans Cheering loudly. Captain M proudly makes his way to the ring. Grabs the mic and starts talking:
Captain M: Earlier tonite, Xero went to our GM and requested for a Last Man Standing match for our first match at the tournament. well you see i like LMS matches infact it is one my personal favorite type of match, you see I dont think 1..2..3.. count one fall matches really proves who is the better wrestler. I believe that the best wrestlers are the ones that can beat their opponents so bad that they cant get up anymore or move anymore, so you see Im fine with the LMS match, The question is will you be prepared for the fight of your career.
Captain M

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Re: Xero's LMS match

Post  XeR0 on Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:15 am

Music starts to play

and pyros are seen at the titantron

the corwd is going crazy

XeR0 walks down the ramp and enters the ring

XeR0: You see Captain,LMS matches are my fav to.
But at our matches last week i realized something.
At each move from us two the crowd begin to go crazy and you realized it to right.
after both matches two wrestler walk out of the ring and this two wrestler will fight as hard as they can.And do you know what C next week only one wrestler will walk out this ring without help.

Xer0 turns arround

Xer0: I'am the one who will change the future
I'am the raging Lion XeR0
and nobody will stop me

XeR0's music starts to play and the lights go down 2 seconds later the lights go on and XeR0 disappeared

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