Big Daddy's bio and desc

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Big Daddy's bio and desc

Post  Deisle on Mon Sep 14, 2009 11:55 pm

Ht:7 feet
nicknames:Big D,Daddy,Big Daddy,Big Daddy Cool
Trademark moves:Fuel Drop,Diesel Driver,Piston Boot.
Finishers:Jackknife,Cloverlock,Sidewalk slam.
Championships:JWF tag titles(with Shootingstar)EBW Intercontinal,YGWF Big Guns, eXtreme Demons Champion, current Haunted Champion

Deisle started Wrestling as a bodyguard for a SM who couldn't contral his stars.He soon started training with a fellow big man called Gord who trained him not only to use his size and power but to be smart and trained him in the art of submisson holds.Gord give Deisle his name after months of training.Becuase of his sheer size and power he"Ran over people like a diesel truck."Soon the weak gm closed down and Deisle left to join other federateions.After stepping out on his own he quickly won gold.He's a muilt time champion and is looking to wear gold again.He founded and leads the stable eWo which has diminated in every federation they've been in.He and Shootingstar make up the tag team known as Cool Star and they have only be defeated twice since forming

desc:Long brown hair,hazal colored eyes, tto the ring he wear either a leather vest or a eWo shirt with the sleves cut off.In ring he wears black leacher pants and a black tank top with either his name or eWo across the stomach.He wears size 19 boots that he love putting in the face of his opponents.

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