clash of the monsters

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clash of the monsters

Post  Garchamp on Sat Oct 10, 2009 8:58 pm

Knock knock
"Come in"
Garchamp smiles with a crazed lokk on his face
"It Seems That You Might Have Made A Mistake Putting Me In A Fight Themonster...Buzz.."
"No I Didn't Garchamp..I Figured Since Your A Little Upset About Your Lost To M.A.C I Thought It Would Be Entertaining To Put Two MONSTERS In The Same Match"
As Garchamp Listens His Faced Changed When Buzzman Mentions His Lost But Later Begins To Smile
"I Guess Your Right But I Can Assure That I Will Not Choke Like M.A.C Did In His Match Against The CHAMP On Haunted Heaven..But I Will Come Out The Winner Against TheMonster And Then Win Myself A Title In Due Time Which Is As Soon As I Have Cause Enough Chaos By Beating Every Opponent I Am Put Up To Face....In A Way Strange I Should Say Thanks .....But Then Again NO THANKS..."
A Thunder Sound Was Heard and Smoke Filled The Room But Disappeared Quiet Quickly But Garchamp Is No Way In Sight
"I Wish That Garchamp Would Stop Doing That...Anyways I Have A Tournament To Plan"

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