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We find Jessica Scott outside the arena obviously waiting on someone to show up to interview. About this time we hear a loud roaring that sounds like Bubba Williams four wheeler. The noise come into sight and we see it is Bubba Williams on his four wheeler. He parks it close to building so it can be brought in easily for his entrance and gets off and heads to go inside the arena. Jessica Scott comes up to him and he stops as she begins to speak.

Jessica:"Hey Bubba, you mind if I get a moment of your time."

Bubba:"Not a problem sweetie, as I always have time for a lovely lady."

Jessica:"Well thanks. Now last week you beat McBane in the Underworld Tournament in a match not many people thought you had chance in winning. Your thoughts on that?"

Bubba:"My thoughts are the same as they are every week. To go out and have fun. But yeah I know most people put their money on McBane to win our match. But I pulled it out in the end and had a ball doing it."

Jessica:"Interesting. Now tonight you face Panda in the semifinals of the Underworld Tournament. Any thoughts on that and the fact that you are the underdog once again?"

Bubba:"Same as always my thoughts are to go out and have fun. But I do know that Panda is a tough competitor and someone who is going give me a good fight in my quest for gold which means more beer. And I do know that I am the underdog again but I'll be honest I have always been the underdog. No matter what I have been the underdog. Even in high school playing football my team was always the underdog. But that has never stopped me and I don't plan on letting it stop me now as I am too close to getting gold. Because the good thing about an underdog is no one expects much out of you and everyone loves the underdog. Now if you will excuse me I got to go get ready for my match starting now."

With that Bubba leaves Jessica and as he does he pulls a beer out of his cooler and pops the top on it and begins to drink it as he goes inside the arena and we fade to black leaving Jessica standing in the parking lot.
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