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Name: ShootingStar
Age: 32
Level: 16
Class: Speed
Quotes: Let loose the stars!!!
Taunts: Star (27), I'm A Star (22), Shooting Star (27)
Trademarks: Shooting Star Pin (39), Shooting Star Hold (30), Triple Shooting Star Press (16)
Finishers: Shooting Star (24), Double Meteor Strike (22), Collapsar (21)
Entrances: Sound of thunders (75), Spark shower over the Titan Tron (125), Lover (50), Lightning at the corners of the ring (100)

Height: 5-6
Weight: 142
Hair: Brown
Eyes: White
Brief description of normal Ring Attire: A black and red super hero suit with a giant star across the chest.

Entrance Music: Shooting Star - Air Traffic


Gimmick: He was scrawny as a kid. He was bullied all through high school. Afterward he started training and awoken his powers. He has a natural gift of speed and is also pretty strong for his size. His first few federations failed because of poor management. He hopes he can finally find his home. He is part of the tag team Cool Star. He is one of the founders of the eWo. His amazing twists and turns, and the ability to stay in the air for a long time has made him famous.

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