The past and the Future

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The past and the Future

Post  Captain M on Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:43 am

Colored purple lights flashes and pyros shoots off.
Captain M walks down the ramp boastfully. Goes up to the ring and pics up the mic.

Captain M:As you saw last week, i won my match agains Xero. Like i told you guyz i would. My next opponent for the tournament, what people call him as "The Monster". Ravenous, I've seen you in action and your quite impressive in your last match. CEO is not dat different from me. He uses high flying moves like me and also verry effective moves. But the difference between him and me is, You havn't beaten me infact i havn't been beaten by anyone which makes me undefeated. Tonite it's me vs you but lemme tell you this, after this match tonite I will STILL be undefeated.
Captain M

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Re: The past and the Future

Post  Ravenous on Tue Oct 13, 2009 11:11 am

The areana goes dark as a eerie music come of the pa system.Out into the stage walks Ravenous with a mic in hand.

Ravenous:Captain M,I've been watching you and I've seen what you can do.As far as we go,CEO was a appetizer but you,you're the main course.You say that you're unbeaten?Well that makes two of us so preper to be destroyed.

Ravenous walks back off stage to the back

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