Monster No More

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Monster No More

Post  Ice Cold Thug on Wed Oct 14, 2009 4:18 am

Young: Ok now we have some footage ordered to by aired tonight by the GM... lets take a look.

The titantron begins rolling a clip of the previous week


CEO Destro and his partner Saint Joey are sitting in the lockeroom after Destros crushing defeat to Ravenous

CEO: Dam man I couldnt get the job done and now I know why hes the monster!

Destro is furious and whips his towel at the ground and punches a dent in the locker

CEO: I didnt just lose... I got my assed kicked and the whole crowd was laughing at me!

Destro slowly settles down and catches his breath when he turns to Saint Joey smiling

CEO: You saw me smash that garbage steriod saringe on the ramp? The gunk leaked down the ramp and the look on his face!

Joey: Yeah I saw it? What the point man you fought hard...

Destro smiles and reaches in his pocket and pulls out another

CEO: I saved one... did you see him out there? He was unstopable and I felt it in every move. I must try it.

Destro laughs and stabs it into his arm and Saint Joey jumps up and tries ripping it out of his arm

CEO: Ahhhhhhh!

Destro falls to the ground screaming as the injection is now bent and stuck in his arm filling him with more dose than abled by his build

Joey: You alright!?

He stops holding his face and looks up with a new feature

CEO: I feel changed... healed or..

Destro looks into the mirror and quickly looks back at Saint Joey

CEO: Do you realize what ive done? Ive began a new era in my career. That tournament was simply a tune up of whats to come... next week we debut our team and believe me... its gonna get damn ugly.

The two punch fists and leave the locker room with grins


The clips slowly fades off triggering CEO Destro & Saint Joeys entrance to there match
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Re: Monster No More

Post  doomsday on Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:49 pm

OOC hehe thanks for that, it made me LOL Laughing

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