a rematch

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a rematch

Post  zabuza on Wed Oct 14, 2009 4:27 pm

zabuza and gaterr makes their way to ring
fans boo
Mike Young:I understand why fans boo fast and technique lost their match against total overdose
Steve Bloom:Anyway lets listen what they will say
Zabuza:Yes we losed to total overdose you may ask Why?! why we havent won against them why?!
Gaterr:well the answer is simple we havent trained enought before match we dont thinked that that punk Jeff Chelios got anything to show!
zabuza:but i have to say we were not right total overdose is more stronger then we thinked but still they arent strong enought to beat us fully preaperd if to be generous that was just test of our GM and Jeff Chelios.And now i want a rematch against Big Buzzman or Jeff Chelios couse gaterr got weak traum and after week we will be able to show Total Overdose they real tag team place in this fed!So what do you say?
Steve Bloom:That may be interesting
Mike Young:Indeed

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