The Shadow Ninja's gimmick

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The Shadow Ninja's gimmick

Post  The Shadow Ninja on Sat Oct 17, 2009 6:54 pm

Superstar Name:Steven Williams

Nickname:The Shadow Ninja

Superstar Type:speed

Superstar Height: 5 ft 8

Superstar Weight:145 lbs

Superstar Age:24 i think

Face/Heel/Tweener: Heel

Superstar Attitude:A cheater and a enraged man when he is in the ring.

Superstar's Style:A ninja that cheats to win and does not care what the fans think of his tricky offense.

Superstar's History:Once known as the face superstar "The Superflyer"Steven Williams of Stellar Wrestling Promotion and War of Wrestling he has decided that he didn't like being a fan favorite because he always lost so now he has decided to change his moves name and style to finally start winning matches!

Finishers from the game:(ninja aerial clash)it will be my only fin and the name will be ninja clash
description:I pull out my 2 swords and wait for [nome] to get up then I rush [nome] and slice him into the air leap into the air and hit [nome] 5 times in mid air then i do a backflip stomp landing on [nome] with a cocky pin.

Trademark:Ninja aerial assault=Springboard moonsault

Taunts:it will be named too slow
description:i dodge [nome]'s every move then sweep his leg and tell him my grandma swings faster then that.


catch phrase:My grandma swings faster then that.
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