a unknown mans debut

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a unknown mans debut

Post  The Shadow Ninja on Sat Oct 17, 2009 8:05 pm

*A clip is aired on the titontron*

*A man in a metal ninja outfit grabs a mic and begins to speak*

Mike Young:Who is this guy?

Steve Bloom:If you would shut up Mike we might know he is about to talk.

Man in metal ninja outfit:I am a 2 time Global champion of SWP I am also the man all you fans of LHW will bow down to at Cell Reaction.

*fans boo the man for his words*

Mike Young:Get this guy out of the ring hes gonna cause a riot.
Steve Bloom:He's cocky I like cocky better then hearing your whiny mouth all night mike.

Mike Young:Yeah well no one asked you did they Steve?

Steve Bloom:Watch your mouth Mike I'm not one of your little boy friends I will knock you out of that seat,and stomp your head in.

Mike Young:Well...lets get back to the guy in the ring and stop arguing.

Steve Bloom:Thank you for understanding my point Mike and yes let us continue listening to the show.

Man in metal ninja outfit:Shut your mouths you poor losers I'm finished talking to you trash.

*The Man in a metal ninja outfit runs and does a front flip out the ring landing on his feet then walks to the back smiling as he is surrounded by boos from the enraged audience*

*The titontron screen fades black and the show goes to commercial*

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