Old Partners New Rivals

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Old Partners New Rivals

Post  XeR0 on Mon Oct 19, 2009 4:10 pm

We here XeR0 walks to the ring.In the beackground we here his Theme.

XeR0 takes the Mic.

This Sunday is our first ever PPV we have wonderful matches there but one match much bigger than others.Many of you will remember my old partner Irfaan.In our Partnership it was only together we are the strongest.Now there is no we ther is only a you and a me.

Listen carefully Irfaan. I challange you to fight one on one with me "The raging Lion" live this sunday at Cell Reaction. I will wait on you or i must come to you and get you.

You want some,come get some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XeR0s theme is played and he leavs the ring with a evil smile on his face

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