dinner time

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dinner time

Post  Ravenous on Tue Sep 15, 2009 8:18 am

A camraguy walking outside waiting for new arrives rounds a turn.He turns the camra on sending vidio to the titon tron.

Camra guy:You guys are not going to belive this.

He focus the camra on a massive humaniod looking figer.Loud snaping sounds as well as the sounds of chewing can be hard.As the image becomes clearer it shows a large man/reptil like thing eatting a deer that it could have very well killed itself.

As the guy sneezes the latge monster stands up an d turn quicky.It eyed the man with glowing red eyes.He turned to run droping the camra.The last thing heard before the screen goes dark is the scream of the guy and a loud animal like rour.

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