announcement about maedhros

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announcement about maedhros

Post  zabuza on Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:20 pm

OOC:comes after "an accident"
zabuza enters aren with mic i one hand and galavie in another
fans starts to boo
zabuza:I lost match against maedhros yes i know this but he havent won ompletely fairly
Fans lower their voices and seems to be interested
Mike Young:Intrasting why zabuza think it wasnt fair
steve bloom:shut and we will find out a reason
Zabuza:You see when avoided DDT maedhros has runed out of the ring i waited some time and then when he dont wanted to get to ring i was coming to get him there by myelf but he have punched while i was coming trought ropes and executed twisting DDT but I dont deny match result now the only thing i want is a rematch
Mike Young:like always it ends with pleasing of rematch

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