McBane's Interview

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McBane's Interview

Post  Guest on Thu Oct 22, 2009 6:05 pm

Mike Young: And now Jessica is ready to talk with McBane about the assault that took place when McBane was supposed to face Doomsday.

Camera switches to Backstage where McBane and Jessica are ready for interview

Jessica: Thankyou Mike and Steve, McBane... You were assaulted on the day you were meant to face Doomsday, what are your thoughts and what is going on in your mind right now?

McBane: It's very simple, someone attacked me cowardly. I never saw who attacked on me. But i do know that whoever it was is a gutless coward. Afraid to attack me face to face. Whoever it was will have it coming... sooner or later i will find it out. As for Doomsday... our match will take place.. and he will go through the agonizing pain what will come when i'l break his ankle.. and all other bodyparts he has. He may be "destroyer" but he's never faced me. And i possess the skills and techniques to take him out.

McBane looks to camera

McBane: Doomsday... the battle... has only begun.

Jessica Scott:Thankyou for your time, back to you guys

Camera switches to ringisde

Steve Bloom: I sure wait this match to happen... and i am curious as well who was that attacker.

Mike Young: I'm sure everything will be answered sooner or later. Now lets go for our next match.


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