The Last Confrontion

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The Last Confrontion

Post  Garchamp on Fri Oct 23, 2009 9:05 pm

Garchamp Enters The Ring In As The Crowds Are Waiting Attentively To Hear What We Has To Say About His Match With theMonster Tonight
'...Tonight Will Be The Last Test Between Me And Themonster To Prove Who Is The Better.."
Garchamp Takes A Pause
"If You All Had Remember themonster Won Our First Match But Then Couple Weeks After In Our Next Match I Had Came Out The Victory..."
The Crowds Begin To Cheer As Garchamp Takes A Pause
"So If themonster Can Beat Again Tonight I Will See Him As A Respected Wrestler...If We Wins..."
Garchamp With a Smirk On His Face
"...Nah I Don't That Will Happen Because He Got Lucky The First Time And Besides He Will Be On My Playing Field In a LASTMAN STANDING MATCH,Which I Have Never Lost...So The Odds Of Him Winning Is Slim..."
Garchamp Now Has A Sinister Look On His Face
"So Tonight We Will See Who Will The LAST...MONSTER..STANDING..."


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