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Post  Bubba Williams on Tue Sep 15, 2009 8:19 pm

Superstar Name: Bubba Williams
Nickname: "The Country Boy"
Superstar Type: Strength
Superstar Height: 6'7"
Superstar Weight: 279
Superstar Age: 18
Face/Heel/Tweener: Face
Superstar Attitude: A Fun Loving Beer Drinking Country Boy


Entrance Song: A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr.

Superstar's Style: Bobby Lashley/Bubba Ray Dudley cross (Looking to use his power to dominate but at times will brawl with the best of them)

Superstar's History:
Bubba Williams is just a plain old country boy who likes to have fun and drink beer. Generally rides to the ring on a four wheeler for his matches. Most people will make fun of the way he talks as he has a big country twang to his voice. But don't be fooled by perception as he is strong as an ox in the ring and will flatten you quickly with one blow. This will be his first fed.

Finishers from the game:

Country Two Step (Direct Damage)
Bubba Williams picks opponent up in a powerbomb position and drives him into the mat but holds on
and picks him up in another powerbomb position but this time a crucifix position and again drives opponent into the mat this time releasing executing a devastating Redneck Bomb

Country Slam (Direct Damage)
Bubba Williams sets opponent up in over the shoulder powerslam position
and then rams opponents back into the top turnbuckle before turning and running and powerslamming opponent down with tremendous force executing a devastating Country Slam

Rebel Stomp (Direct Damage)
Bubba Williams stomps opponent in the chest and head
before grabbing both arms and pulling up while his foot is on opponents head before releasing opponents arms and driving opponents head into the mat with his boot executing a devastating Rebel Stomp

Rebel Yell
Bubba Williams Yells Yee Haw Loudly executing A Rebel Yell

Catch Phrase:
"A Country Boy can Survive and will Survive."

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