the champ is here

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the champ is here

Post  slof99 on Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:12 am

[b][i]kernow reaper's entrance hits the arena with a loud chorus of boos from the fans with a small spot cheering him in reply. the reaper enters the arena and motions for the microphone.

how dare you disrespect such a champion as i.

[i][b]the crowd boos even louder

people are saying i was lucky to be last in the chamber otherwise id of never got the title well i challenge our boss to think of a speciality match which tests our endurance and skill and make it the runner up's title match against me

the mic is slammed down to the ground while the reaper stands in the ring looking at the titantron waiting for a reply with his arms folded


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Re: the champ is here

Post  Big Buzzman on Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:50 pm

*Big Buzzman's theme starts to play and the general manager of [LHW] appears under the titan tron.

*The crowd's noise turns into cheering.

Big Buzzman: "Ah, good to be here after this long looong season break."

*Big Buzzman goes slowly towards the ring.

Big Buzzman: "I think we haven't seen yet, reaper! Congratulations to your championship you've won at Cell Reaction."

*The general manager walks up the steel steps, staying at the apron.

Big Buzzman: "So you want to prove yourself in a special match? Do you have any suggestions on who should fight you for the title?"

*Then Big Buzzman turns around and leans his back to the ropes.

Big Buzzman: "Or should we ask the audience who the wanna see in ring with you tonight?"

*The crowd again cheers, screaming several names as Jeff Chelios or Marc Müller.
Big Buzzman

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Re: the champ is here

Post  M.A.C. on Thu Oct 29, 2009 10:28 pm

Then, M.A.C.'s face appears on the titantron

M.A.C.: "Why should it matter who the fans want to see? This is a business! And as the heads of the business, we should make all the decisions, not those imbeciles!"

The fans start to boo

M.A.C.: "Hehe, and among all people, you all think that Jeff Chelios should get the match? I say hell no!"

Fans start to boo louder

M.A.C.: "But enough about how I feel on the topic, how about you partner?"

Big Buzzman: "Well ..."

M.A.C.: "I didn't mean you! I meant LHW's NEWEST vice general manager, Dooms Day!!"

Steve Bloom: "What!? Both Dooms Day and M.A.C. are now VGM's?!"

Dooms Day come on to the screen now, and the fans await his response

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Re: the champ is here

Post  doomsday on Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:59 am

The Titantron flickers briefly as it switches depicting a shadowy mist-filled scene within which a darkened form can be seen.

Dooms day leans forward revealing himself

Dooms day growls menacingly: Big Buzzman... At Cell Reaction you and the E.W.O hoped to stop M.A.C and I, and send a message of final retribution...

The fans cheer wildly

Dooms day continues: But you failed... Instead your actions have opened the gates of hell and they can not be closed...

Shadowy forms can be seen dancing behind Dooms day obscured by the mist

Dooms day: Within the E.W.O your numbers give you the advantage. It is time for change... others are coming... coming for you and the E.W.O... Your time is drawing near Big Buzzman, the E.W.O will be no more!

Demonic laughter echos behind Dooms Day

Dooms day: The Harbingers of Apocalypse have risen, we are legion, we are the beginning, we are the end... WE ARE HERE!!!

Dooms day laughs echos ominously around the arena

Lightning suddenly flashes around the arena, followed by a large clap of thunder, as the Titantron goes dark once again

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Re: the champ is here

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