Aren't You Missing Something?

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Aren't You Missing Something?

Post  M.A.C. on Thu Oct 29, 2009 10:37 pm

A limousine pulls into LHW's parking lot and the driver steps out to open the back door

Jessica Scott: "Hey, that looks like M.A.C.'s limo! Let's see if I can get any answers from him as to what exactly happened at Cell Reaction! .."

The driver lets M.A.C., who is holding a brief case, out of the car and pulls off

Jessica Scott: "M.A.C., how are you?"

M.A.C.: *maniacally laughs* "Never better!"

Jessica Scott: "Do ya' mind telling everyone what exactly you and Dooms Day did to the Extreme World Order?!"

M.A.C.: "As a matter of fact, I do. Now, out of my way please."

Jessica Scott: "Well can you at least tell what's in the briefcase?"

M.A.C.: "Ugh ... I wanted to wait a little longer before telling this in public but ..."

M.A.C. snatches the microphone from Jessica and then moves her out of the way

M.A.C.: "Deisle, you thought you had gotten rid of me huh? You will NEVER be rid of me, you understand?!"

M.A.C. starts to open the briefcase

M.A.C.: "Ohh yeah, before I forget. If you want your title back, come and GET IT!"

M.A.C. walks off as the camera fades

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