K-Ness searches

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K-Ness searches

Post  K-Ness on Sun Nov 01, 2009 11:04 pm

*the camera shows K-Ness in the corridor with a chair and he goes up to the first door and smashes it open and looks inside as if he was searching for something*

Steve Bloom: Whats K-Ness doing?

*K-Ness goes to the next door and kicks it down*


*he throws the chair at the next door denting it and he picks it up and hears foot steps coming down the hallway next to him and waits by the corner*

Mike Young: Looks like hes looking for Ravenous.

*the foot steps get closer and K-Ness jumps out and clocks the person who turns out to be Dan Moore and then he walks away and throws the chair*



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Re: K-Ness searches

Post  Ravenous on Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:38 am

Some moments past after k-Ness moves on.Down a short dark hallway a pair of red light appear.The monster steps into the light.His face back to the of a human but with bright red eyes.His armored scales replaced with harden normal colored skin.

Ravenous:All in good time my prey I will take you when I choose.

Ravenous chuckles low as he enters Buzzmans office.

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