Training and some words

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Training and some words

Post  Bubba Williams on Tue Nov 03, 2009 4:03 am

We find ourselves in the gym where we find Bubba Williams lifting some weights. He seems to have a determined look on his face as he finishes up his set. He sits up and notices the camera and motions for it to come over. As soon as it gets close Bubba begins to talk.

Bubba:"Glad to see you could make it as I got some things that need to be said. And good you caught me here as I need people to know exactly what I have been doing over the break. And what I have been doing is training and getting stronger. Because last season coming in as a rookie I did awright but it could have been better. You see I lost two matches last season and normally that wouldn't have bothered me because I had enough money from my two wins to buy enough beer. But one did bother me. It was the one while I was in the tournament for the Underworld against Panda."

Bubba stands up now and continues to talk.

Bubba:"And it really has nothing to do with Panda as he is one hell of a competitor and if I am going to lose in a tournament then at least it is to the man who ended up winning. But that title is something that I wanted and maybe even wanted it more than another beer. Ok let's not go that far or get that crazy but it is something that I wanted. And it is still something I want. So this season my only plan is to impress Big Buzzman enough to get another shot at that title no matter who the champion is and this time I will do everything in my power to get what I want. Now if you'll excuse me I got more training to do."

With that Bubba goes and begins to do squats as we fade to black.
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