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Kernow Reaper

Post  slof99 on Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:12 pm

entrance song bullets by creed

• Popularity: 5. Rising Star (403)
• Fans: 650
• Age: 26
• Total Skill Index: 4.084
• Fought matches: 697 (W:285 | L:390| N/C:22)
• Wrestler's score: 33.700
• Wrestler's level: 15

1. Before entrance: Film Clip (24)
2. Titan tron: Spark shower over the Titan Tron (24)
3. Vehicle: Limousine with chaffeur (24)
4. Companion: Trainer (24)
5. Ring: Red carpet on the mat (24)

ability submission wrestler
type tweener

the eagle
kernow reaper Swoops Around Ring Then Waits By Opponent To Execute Attack executing The Eagle

The Patience Game
kernow reaper Starts To Sit In The Thinkers Position Waiting To Execute His Next Deadly Manouver executing The Patience Game

the bomb
kernow reaper kicks the opponent in the chest
and slams him on the mat face first stunning him executing a devastating The Bomb

The Vertabreaker
kernow reaper lifts the opponent on his shoulders peforming the torture rack
before slamming the opponent face first on the mat before executing the crippler executing a devastating The Vertabreaker

Clippling Force
kernow reaper lifts the opponent on to the turnbuckle and then puts opponent on to his back before getting ready to execute the reverse death valley driver
and slams him on the mat trying to break his opponents neck executing an devastating Clippling Force[img][/img][img][/img]


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