Trash will be Trash (open?)

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Trash will be Trash (open?)

Post  Bodders on Thu Nov 19, 2009 9:39 pm

Bodders comes out with a mic in hand, he looks on cockily, not caring what anyone thinks about him right now. He slides into the ring, like a predator stalking its prey, he licks his lips in excitement about something, the fans not sure what to say about him so far.

Bodders: "Like I said before my match against Loguns, 'The first piece of trash to be destroyed at my hands'. And I was right, he was destroyed at my hands!"

Bodders looks on with a sadistic smirk written over his face, he licks his lips again.

Bodders: "I am the Angel of Death, and I do not lie when I talk about stuff like that, so you should expect me to believe me when I talk like that,"

Bodders licks his lips once more before speaking again.

Bodders: "Though in all honesty, when I kicked him in the skull, I was looking to take him out!"

The fans suddenly starts booing loudly at Bodders' announcement, while the man in question just continues to smirk away.

Bodders: "And you know what? I want to be involved in a title shot soon, and I don't care if its a tag title match or a singles title match! I'm hungry for gold! And I will not stop until I get the title that I deserve!"

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