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Freshmeat likes to talk

Post  msm on Thu Nov 19, 2009 10:37 pm

It seems like a thunder has just stroke!
A clip is aired on the Titan Tron, showing some of the wrestler’s greatest victories and most powerful moves. MSM makes his way to the ring carrying the microphone.
The fans are all quiet questioning who this is

MSM: As all you know recently I have joined [LHW] Hells Portal league. Joining this league I thought that it’s going to be big step to gaining Legend title. However, now, I think that I was cheated. Looking for the partner I haven’t seen anyone who could be good enough to at least try beating me!

*The fans starts to boo at him*

Mike Young: Not how you make friends with the great fans here.

MSM: Now since last Show I haven’t still got any interesting challenges. For me the most important thing in Wrestling is competition and entertainment, but how you can think about competition, if no-one has chances to beat me? Entertainment? You talk about entertainment? Man, after few easy moves everyone would lay on the mat. So I’M SAYING IT NOW LOUDLY AND CLEARLY! IF ANYONE THINKS THAT MY WORDS ARE WORTHLESS, COME HERE AND FIGHT ME. I’ll prove that I’m right!

*MSM Stands in the middle of the ring just looking up to the entrance*

Steve Bloom: Please some one give us a show!

MSM: You see this crap wrestlers are too sc......

*Suddenly Massive attack - Teardrops starts to play. The fans cheers cause of the interruption.*

Steve Bloom: I'm not sure who this is. But I'm guessing another rookie.

Mike Young (look around in his papers) I think this is Gregory House.

*Gregory House comes out with a microphone in hand and stops at the ramp lifting the microphone to mouth*

House: Calm down little guy and hear my words! Oki that sounded like i think I'm god. Who knows maybe i am hah. Enough jokes. Mr.Who-cares. It seems like you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk? No one wane fight a rookie with just an big mouth. You have to make a name for your self.

MSM: You see if I same like you wouldn’t have any skills I would care about what others think, but I’m just too good to be silent nobody.

House: Maybe you should payout a few bucks to get a fight.... What I had to do.

MSM: That’s the way of a crappy Wrestlers to do..

Steve Bloom: No one knows who any of this guys are, but money can get you a long way!

House: Crappy wrestler huh? We'll see. Now excuse me i have a fight to prepare for.

*Gregory House's music start to play again as he leaves*

After greg's match.

*The music of MSM start to play and he runs down to the ring.*

MSM (shouting): Time to walk the walk!

*MSM starts to assault Gregory House he lifts Gregory House on his back while headed down and quickly hurls him down to perform a Devastating Killing Move!!

MSM: It's just the beginning.*

Steve Bloom: This is how you make a name for your-self!

Figured out together with House

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