eWo recruiting tour - Part I

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eWo recruiting tour - Part I

Post  Big Buzzman on Sat Nov 21, 2009 2:17 pm

Big Buzzman is walking through the long hallway. It seems like he's searching for someone. Suddenly ShootingStar comes around the corner.

Big Buzzman: "Hey bro! You've seen Panda or UnderYaxs?"

ShootingStar: "Sure! About five minutes ago I talked to them in the locker room. Looks like they're preparing for their upcoming tag team match."

Big Buzzman: "Thanks partner! See you later."

The general manager walks straight towards the locker room. After he enters, he sees the tag team he's looking for sitting on a bench talking about their tactics.

Big Buzzman: "Panda! UnderYaxs!"

Both men look up to the smiling general manager.

Big Buzzman: "I talked to Deisle about you two joining the eWo and we decided to accommodate you after your match against '3D' tonight. Isn't that a good goad to send them to hell?"

UnderYaxs thanks the very confident-looking Big Buzzman for this opportunity.

Big Buzzman: "Well, guys! Good luck tonight, even if you don't need it."

With that the general manager leaves the locker room in a hurry, cause he's got another visitation to do.
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