eWo recruiting tour - Part II

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eWo recruiting tour - Part II

Post  Big Buzzman on Sat Nov 21, 2009 2:35 pm

After his little meeting with Panda and UnderYaxs, Big Buzzman goes to the gym, cause he assumes to find Garchamp in there.

The current Haunted Champion is lifting some heavy-looking weights, as the general manager comes in.

Garchamp: "Hey boss!"

Big Buzzman: "Ah, hey champ! I've found who I was looking for."

Garchamp: "Me?"

Big Buzzman: "Sure! I have to talk to you."

Garchamp sits up on the bench.

Garchamp: "What can I do for you?"

Big Buzzman: "I watched your acting the whole last season and recognized that you are a great wrestler. That's why I gave you the title shot last wednesday... and as I anticipated, you've won the Haunted Championship by beating kernow reaper. Now I've got another little offer for you. Maybe you've realized that the Harbingers of Armageddon grow bigger and bigger..."

Big Buzzman makes a short pause.

Big Buzzman: "They're forming a stable out of the most heelish wrestlers here in LHW and to make sure that they'll never be on top of my roster, I'd like to have you in the eWo. What do you say?"

Garchamp makes a serious facial impression, which changes after a few seconds into a cocky smirk.

Garchamp: "I'm in. We would beat the crap out of them."

Big Buzzman and Garchamp shake hands and the general manager leaves the gym, going back to his office.
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