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new interveiw.

Post  Deisle on Sun Nov 22, 2009 4:28 am

The titon trons goes to a image of Jessica standing beside and dwarfed by Deisle.

Jessica:I'm here with the eXtreme Demons Champion Deisle.Now Big daddy,I'd like to ask you to give us abit more light on the whole eWo vs HoA battle that has been going on since you beat M.A.C. to retain the championship.

Deisle:Well beautiful that is the whole thing.M.A.C. can't get over the fact that he can't beat me so what's he do?He uses his vice GM powers along with Doomsdays and steals MY title belt.Now everyone knows I'm the real thing M.A.C..You and your little band need to remember your place.Myself and the eXtreme World Order, We are the real power here in Hell.
Jessica:So would you say that's this is all about power than?

Deisle:Sweetheart it's always about power.Even the so called "Good Guys" know they aren't anyone without it.They'd fight with everything that they are just to take the power away from us "Bad Guys".Once this is all said and done we well see that the eWo is the most powerful group ever to been seen.Westcoast Hitmakes,Wrestlers pair of dice,Icy Montain,Generation X, and Thripe X.We've beaten them all and we will do the same again.

Jessica:Thank you for for your time Deisle and good luck with everything to come.

Deisle simply winkes at Jessica as the camra turns off.

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