The Reset Button

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The Reset Button

Post  Ice Cold Thug on Sun Nov 22, 2009 7:10 am

The press room is full of interviewers and writers waiting patiently to see who will be making an announcment

CEO Destro walks out alongside Budda Williams, K-Ness, and Saint Joey. Destro sits in the main seat in the middle with two guys on each side of him

The room lights up with camera flashs and then Destro steps to the microphone silencing the conference

CEO: I called this conference for a reason... not because I am in dyer need of attention but because I need to get my point out there. I will say this... my, uhhhhhhh. How do I put this? Well my stake here is slowly dying because im not sticking out. But as one of the more popular guys in my weight class I guess it doesnt matter.

CEO Destro points to the men around him

CEO: This is the triple threat. Me K-Ness and Bubba are teaming up to dominate our class. Soon Ravenous will be down because once you reach the top theres no where else to go. Any questions?

Interviewer 1: Yes... how will you guys fair against the experienced eWo?

CEO: There out of the question. They run this establishment and im not worried. There not our focus. Just like in life... you dont worry about the government because there just there but if you rebel then your in deep.

Interviewer 2: Do you have any other plans? Last we heard from you was over a month ago.

CEO: Yeah. You saw what happened last season. I lost every single match and this is what my statement is right here. I may have gone 0-3 but this season is a new season and I plan on pushing the reset button. New start and yeah... a new wrestler. Im not the same man I was a month ago. Ive trained to become not only stronger but better conditioned. Ive learned new moves and while the others were taking a break, I was working my ass off. Its gonna be a hell of a season for me so get ready!

Interview 3: Wait... Destro woul..

CEO: No, thats it.

CEO Destro gets up with mixed reactions and leads the way out as his group follows out of the press room
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