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Post  Jeff Chelios on Wed Sep 16, 2009 4:50 pm

Superstar Name: Jeff Chelios
Nickname: "The Oblivion"
Superstar Type: Submission
Superstar Height: 6'1
Superstar Weight: 195
Superstar Age: 29
Face/Heel/Tweener: Face
Superstar Attitude: Ex-KSK Soldier
Trademarks: Artillery, Bear Trap, Deep Impact
Finishers:Air Strike, Armageddon, Enemy Territory

Picture: (Still to come)

Entrance Song: Just the Same (Passenger)

Superstar's Style: Jeff Hardy-Style mixed with Bret Hart (High rising moves with hard submission on the ground)

Story: There are just a few information about Jeff. He is a very well trained soldier for forest operations. Since he had this training, he became very agile, quick and strong. Nevertheless at one day, after his commander gave him another operation in the forest of Argentina, he decided that he will stop his job as a soldier after he shot two children by mistake in a hut in which he expected more adversary. After that he started his wrestling career and fought in a lot federations. He still hasn't excused himself for the accident in Argentina. That is the reason why he lays all his heart in his fights.
Jeff Chelios

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