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Post  McBane on Sun Nov 22, 2009 7:57 am

McBane's entrance theme hits and he walks down to the ring while crowd chants "McBane"

McBane takes the microphone, signals to crowd to silence and begins to speak

McBane:Last time i was in this ring, i faced this guy who calls himself the "wolf man". This man claimed he has power of Halloween to destroy whoever he wants. This man later on faced me by his own request. He faced me once and lost... and last time he got his rematch... lets see what happened.

Video clip starts rolling of the early moments of the match: Wolf Man grabs McBane raising him up onto his shoulder so McBane head is down his back, then grabs his McBane head under his arm and drops him onto his head from an incredible height with executing violent Wolf Bite!!

McBane:As you can see here, he laid some offensive. More footage please...

McBane grabs his opponent's arm while he's laying on his back

and then capsizes his rival's body while pulling his arm, performing a light Strangle Hold!!

McBane keeps his excruciating submission hold

McBane keeps his weak submission hold


McBane:Here we have senor wolf man screaming in pain... more footage please.

McBane grabs his opponent's arm and laying on the ground perpendicularly

and twists his chest with the legs pulling on the shoulder, performing a light Crucifix Armbar!!

McBane keeps his weak submission hold


McBane keeps his weak submission hold


McBane: As you can see here, mr. Wolfman looks seriously injured. And last clip please.

Last videoclip starts airing: cBane grabs Wolf Man's leg flipping him onto his stomach

and reefs on the leg applying an light Argentine Leg Lock!!

McBane keeps his ruthless submission hold

Wolf Man can't resist anymore and taps out!!

McBane: Wolf man, for your own good. Do understand when you clearly just can't win. I am 2 and 0 against you. If that mumbo jumbo you believe in that gives you some "powers" has made you bit nuts, by all means. Do face me again and we can hit some sense in that skull of yours. And after you've lost me 3 times in a row... you will indeed know the new meaning for word... PAIN!!!

McBane drops the mic and leaves the ring while his entrance theme starts playing

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