Behold! The Angel of Death!

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Behold! The Angel of Death!

Post  Bodders on Tue Nov 24, 2009 6:23 pm

Bodders' titantron starts to play and the fans start to boo him loudly clearly not liking him due to a few things, what he had done however, was still a mystery. Bodders makes his way around the ring and picks up a steel chair slides in the ring with it, before he set it up and sat down on it, he had a mic in hand and was about to speak.

Bodders: "You know, I've only been here for a week, and already I can see problems with this business, some of it is just the the people who work here, but some of the other things are the wrong with this business. Like the people who run it for example,"

Bodders looks around the arena as if wanting to see what the fans thought of his logic, they made it clear what they though by booing extremely loudly.

Bodders: "I have to say though, it's not obvious what's wrong however, so I'm not going to mention any names, but there is one thing that I do want though."

The way that Bodders said those words makes the fans restless, wanting to the man before them to eat his own words.

Bodders: "I want to become champion! I will do anything to become one! And I will get a chance to have a title shot when I beat Deisle tonight! But at a small price,"

Bodders' lips twists into a dark smirk, most likely making sure that whatever happened during their match, he would still win and get a title shot, no matter the price.

Bodders: "And one last thing, my talents have been recognized by a group of people who wish to have all of the titles in the stable and to show their dominance so I, The Angel of Death have decided to join their group, and their group is called, the Harbringers of Apocalypse!"

The fans boo Bodders extremely loudly at what he is admitting now.

(ooc: if you want to put this at the beginning at my match you can, but if anyone wants to reply to this, I don't mind, it means more fun for me)

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