House vs msm

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House vs msm

Post  msm on Wed Nov 25, 2009 1:13 am

Teardrop by Massiveattack blast over the speakers as Gregory House comes walking down to the ring. He receives a microphone as he's entering the ring

House: Thanks to someone, I feel an anger never before felt. And soon that someone will feel.... my.... anger!

Lisa Cuddy stands up from the crowd cheering for House as the rest are still silent

House: That someone is .......

it seems like a thunder has just stroke!
A clip is aired on the Titan Tron, showing some of the wrestler's greatest victories and most powerful moves
msm makes his way to the ring

MSM comes running down to the ring and he seems to be ready to strike Gregory House, but Gregory blocks the strikes and pushes MSM out of the ring who quickly jumps up from the floor to his feet with the microphone Gregory had

MSM: Yes yes I am that someone we get that, but do not think for one second you can scare me! Maybe I lost my Tag Team Match, but if you really think that you are a strong one, I accept this challenge and I'm going to crush you... You now what? I'M GOING TO DO IT RIGHT NOW

Gregory House rolls down n out of the floor to the commentators and snap a microphone from them. The fans start cheering for both men as they understand that this is brewing up to a fight

House: Now hold on there. I ain't a strong, I am a smart one, could easily out smart you. Funny that you actually understand this was a challenge, though that would be too high above your IQ level.
Now for the challenge, we will have a fight coming soon enough hehe

Gregory House
jumps over the fence and disappears into the crowds

MSM: Have you seen that? He says that he is "smart one", he is "strong one" but when I demand him to prove it he just disappears.. So if you agree with me..
Crowds start to cheer MSM up
before Gregory House enters the ring, start to BOOO at him. Let him now that you prefer people who like to prove their strenght by fighting. Right
It seems that audience is now on MSM's side

MSM leaves the ring and goes to get ready before the match

end of rp

Made and edited together with Gregory House

Gregory House if you wanna change something, feel free.

I guess that officialy we stay with mine topic. Sorry very much for unnecessary 2 topics

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