HoA... Hall of Assholes?

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HoA... Hall of Assholes?

Post  Ice Cold Thug on Wed Nov 25, 2009 11:14 pm

Ceo Destro and Saint Joey are walking down the hallway when the walk into Buzzmans office

CEO: Hey man I need a favor... a big one.

Big Buzzman: What?

CEO: I want a match. I sick of losing week in and out for far to long. I want you to schedule me and my partner versus that Hall of Assholes or whatever that group of karate flipping losers call themselves to look cool.

Buzzman looks confused and gets a weird look on his face

Big Buzzman: ...What the hell are you talking about?

CEO: HoA... Shadow Ninja and Dooms Day. If we cant take down some big names then I think we could get to the top because we want gold sooner than later.

Big Buzzman: I think there busy... just go inject yourself with something like normal while the show goes on. Besides arent you still hurting from that beating Bubba gave you?

Buzzman starts laughing and flipping through his magazine when CEO Destro rips it from his hands and throws it down

CEO: Listen! I..

Destro calms down and takes a deep breath

CEO: You the one whos taking the steroids so suggest you quit with that. We all know how Deisle got so big but now down to buisness.

Destro pulls out a stack of cash from his pocket and sets it on the table

CEO: Change you mind?
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Re: HoA... Hall of Assholes?

Post  Big Buzzman on Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:15 pm

The general manager's facial impression changes into a very angry one.

Big Buzzman: "How you dare!?"

Big Buzzman grabs the money from his desk and throws it right into CEO Destro's face.

Saint Joey makes a step forward, lifting his right arm and making a fist to teach Big Buzzman some respect, but CEO Destro holds his partner back.

Big Buzzman: "Oh, save your powers for your match tonight against Joe 'Kick your Ass'... you know, I made it a #1 contender match. Your second chance on that damn belt you want. Don't miss it again!"

CEO Destro realizes that Saint Joey gets wilder and wilder and sends him out of the office.

Big Buzzman: "Now CEO, you come into my office and demand a match after you attacked me last wednesday, right before my match..."

The general manager stops, taking a deep breath.

Big Buzzman: "You know I don't like you, but what is better than two of my antagonized stables fighting each other!? And now... take your money and leave my office before I change my mind."
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