1st press conference

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1st press conference

Post  Big Buzzman on Wed Sep 16, 2009 7:16 pm

The main studio is full of well-suited reporters, with paper and pencil or expensive reflex cameras in their hands, as Big Buzzman - the general manager of LHW - enters the podium for his first official press conference. The monitors that showed pictures of the currently signed superstars fades black at this moment.

BB: "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight begins a new era. We are here to present you the newest and hottest roster at Local Wrestling e-Xtreme... Living Hell Wrestling."

A young male reporter in the third row raises his left arm.

BB: "I will answer all your questions next. Keep you in mind for the first one. But now I would like to introduce you my right hand, helping me with this new business... M.A.C.!"

M.A.C. appears between the dark-red curtains and steps to the right side of Big Buzzman.

BB: "M.A.C. is an experienced Vice-GM, who has my complete faith. He will answer your questions too. So let's start with Mr. Roberts' question."

Roberts: "Thanks! I think we all would like to know what makes you so confident to create the 'hottest' - which maybe means the best(!?) - roster."

BB: "Well, that's a good question, even if I expected this one by one of the sly old foxes. It's the good mixture of well-known and skilled superstars - who will be a great crowd puller - and young talents with a huge volition to step up the ladder of success. Anything more you'd like to know?"

Roberts: "No, thanks!"

A middle-aged woman stands up from her seat.

BB: "Mrs. Grey!?"

Grey: "What are you thoughts on Bad pie guy - your former tag team partner - having a roster at the same federation as you have?"

BB: "Bad pie guy and I were Vice-GMs at Young Guns Wrestling. Our team worked pretty good - in ring and behind the desk. We are still good friends and if anyone of us has problems doing his job, the other one will help, even if we both know that we are direct business competitors."

Mrs. Grey nods in agreement and sits down and white-haired old men lifts his pencil.

BB: "Mr. Gareth!?"

Gareth: "I would like to address my question to M.A.C."

BB: "Well, put your question."

Gareth: "I know you worked in more common rosters right now. How does it feel to restart from the bottom?"


OoC: Hope you like to answer, M.A.C.! Cool
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Re: 1st press conference

Post  M.A.C. on Thu Sep 17, 2009 6:10 am

M.A.C.: "Ehm, restart from the bottom ? This is far from the bottom ! If anything, it's a new beginning. Ask better questions, please !

Gareth: "Okay, what plans do you have for your time here in Living Hell Wrestling ?"

M.A.C.: "To win championship gold of course ! And to do whatever it takes to keep the nameplate on one saying 'M.A.C.' !"

Grey: "That's it ? I thought I remembered you as more of a less-self-centered type ..."

M.A.C.: "That was then, this is now, I've come to realize that the only way I can get what I want in life is by depending on myself !"

Roberts: "Nothing to say about being on the management team in LHW ?"

M.A.C.: BB's a good guy, we should all do well working together, as long as no one gets in my way ."

Grey: "Anything to say to anyone in the back ?"

M.A.C.: Like I just said, stay out of my way, and you all will be fine . Now if you'll excuse me ...

M.A.C. suddenly shifts positions and leaves the room

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Re: 1st press conference

Post  Ice Cold Thug on Mon Sep 21, 2009 5:18 am

BB: "Ok now on my left in the overly expensive suite.."

Reports lightly laugh

BB: "Is an important factor to our federation here so feel free to ask him so things."

Gareth: "Ok Destro... we understand your a CEO. Tell us a little about this."

CEO: "Well im the chief executive officer of a weapon manufacturer. M.A.R.S is part of my buisness franchise."

Roberts: "So what is your role here? Because in order to be sitting in that chair we understand you must have some importance."

CEO: "Its very simple. The money I picked up needed to be invested. So I opened a corperation here and with the place I decided to get into wrestling. I guess that means I have an ownership or some would say chairman."

Grey: "Chairman? Wouldnt that give you almost unlimited power?"

CEO: "No actually. When your a large coperate like myself you dont have time to focus. So thats why I need to find a General Manager and an Vice. Once they signed over they pay me the contract and it officially becomes theres."

Gareth: "So you sold out LHW to Buzzman and M.A.C? Why them?"

CEO: "Filming the movie Rise of Cobra is where I was introduced to this idea. See Buzzman helped me with my finances and so I bought out this arena from a recently closing federation."

Roberts: "Ok so giving up all your power here to the men you hired we must ask... why Buzzman and M.A.C?"

CEO: "I looked into alot of possible participants and Buzzman stuck out. His success ranged big. He started out as a VGM in EBW and ended up taking over as Interum-GM in YGWF. So I thought it was time for him to take the next step. I plan on seeing my choice turning out good.

Grey: "Ok so before we close this we have one more question for you Destro. Will you be wrestling here because your retirment from fighting was at a young age in your career."

CEO: "Well thats just one more reason to tune into our season opener isnt it? I will tell you guys one thing. I got alot of money but the gold here is far beyond a price."

Buzzman and Destro stand up and shake hands as they head back behind conference while the reports clap

(OOC: I hope you dont mind Buzzman but i did a little powerplaying on your part)
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Re: 1st press conference

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