Some kind of Introduction...

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Some kind of Introduction...

Post  anth0r on Sun Nov 29, 2009 3:54 pm

Backstage area
Jessica Scott: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome at this time…anth0r.
Anth0r enters the small backstage area
Anth0r: I really hope I get paid for this stupid Interview.
Jessica Scott: Ehh, I am not sure about this, but could you please be so kind to answer some questions?
Anth0r: Not sure, hugh?
Jessica Scott: So please tell the audience where you are from and why you joined this federation.
Anth0r: If you wanna know stuff about me, you better pay me beforehand.
Jessica Scott looks confused but still continues her thought
Jessica Scott: Yeah…so I heard you are from South Afrika, is this right?
Anth0r is getting mad
Anth0r: Since you know where I am from and talk about it in front of my next possible customers you pay me extra too. Got it?
Jessica Scott looks scared and leaves the area slowly while finishing the Interview
Jessica Scott: Thank you for your time…

OOC: ok, first post and already in the wrong forum. this should of cause be in the main studio. :/

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