Captain M / anth0r / panda - Part II Sunday 12/13/09

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Captain M / anth0r / panda - Part II Sunday 12/13/09

Post  anth0r on Sun Nov 29, 2009 9:42 pm

if part one is going to be accepted i have a follow-up interview. As allways, feedback is appreciated.


Back in the locker room
Captain M is talking with anth0r
Jessica Scott: Captain M, can I ask you some questions please?
Anth0r is walking between Captain M and Jessica Scott, blocking line of sight.
Anth0r: Captain M is currently not available.
Jessica Scott is astonished and doesn’t know how to react to this situation.
Jessica Scott: Well…errr…anth0r, can I ask you a question then?
Anth0r: It depends.
Jessica Scott: So…errr…why did you attack Panda tonight?
Anth0r: Its simple. Business.
Jessica Scott: What do you mean with this?
Anth0r: I told you everything you need to know. Now leave.
Jessica Scott can´t pull herself together.
Jessica Scott: Err…Thank you for your time.

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