The Arrival of a Country Boy...

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The Arrival of a Country Boy...

Post  Bubba Williams on Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:51 pm

We find ourselves in the parking lot of the arena when we hear what sounds like a loud exhaust on a ATV or dirt bike. The noise begins to get louder and then finally we see what is making all the noise. It is a four wheeler that is being driven by a big guy who is wearing nothing but black overalls and black boots with no shirt. The four wheeler finally gets up to the arena and begins to go inside the doors when a security guard stops him.

Security Guard:"Excuse me but you can't bring that inside the arena."

Man:"Well I'll be darn. I'm a guessing you don't know who I am. Well let me introduce myself. The name is Bubba Williams and I am one of the new superstas for the Livin Hell Wrestling. And this right here is my ride to the ring."

Security Guard:"Well this has not been cleared yet as I know nothing about it. So for now you will have to leave it out here until I hear different."

Bubba:"Awright buddy. Not a problem. Y'all just let me know when I can bring it on in as I'll need it for my match if I got one."

Security Guard:"Yes I will let you know when I hear something."

Bubba:"Awright and make sure you look after her for me as me and her been through a lot."

Security Guard:"I guess I can keep an eye on the four wheeler for you."

Bubba:"Well I appreciate it."

With that Bubba parks the four wheeler near the door and gets off and grabs a cooler that was on the back. He heads inside but is stopped again by the Security Guard.

Security Guard:"Excuse me Bubba but I will need to check in your cooler."

Bubba:"I swore y'all boys around here are all bout some security."

Security Guard:"Well just got to make sure things go well for the start of Living Hell Wrestling."

Bubba:"That be ok man. I undastand."

The Security Guard looks through the cooler and all that is in it is ice and beer. The Security Guard gives the cooler back to Bubba.

Security Guard:"Ok all looks good to me. But I must say that is quite a bit of beer for one guy."

Bubba:"Oh that tinsy bit is nothing. It is just a warm up for me."

And with that Bubba heads in the arena with his cooler full of beer to see about getting his four wheeler inside the arena tonight.

ooc just so all know the words that are misspelled are done on purpose as well as how some sentences are wrote as bubba is a good old country boy who speaks with a very southern accent.

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