Some Explanations

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Some Explanations

Post  Bubba Williams on Wed Dec 02, 2009 2:53 am

A Country Boy Can Survive begins to play over the arena speakers as the crowd begins to boo. Bubba finally makes his way out to the ring on his four wheeler and after circling the ring he parks it and gets off. He slowly begins to head into the ring and you can see that the boos are getting to him a bit but he shrugs it off and gets all the way in the ring. Finally he gets to the center of the ring and pulls a mic from his pants pocket. He slowly brings the mic to his mouth and begins talking.

Bubba:"Yeah I take it you didn't like my actions when me and CEO Destro attacked Big Buzzman. Well before ya'll begin bringing on the boos even more let me explain. You see over the off season on top of my training, I decided to join up with K-Ness and CEO Destro to form the Triple Threat. And with the forming of that stable I decided that it was time to get some gold around my waist. Well I offered Big Buzzman a chance to let me fight for a title that I was so close to in my first season of wrestling and what did he do. He puts me in a match with my stablemate and makes it a number one contenders match for a title that has no champion. A title that should have went to me after I beat CEO Destro. But no he didn't think so. So I had no choice but to attack him and show him that he should have given me that title. I mean I tried the nice way and it didn't work. So what was a country boy to do. Oh yeah thats right. A country boy can and will survive and that it what I showed when I attacked Big Buzzman."

With that Bubba pauses and the boos are still being heard as they obviously don't like his explanation. He shrugs and continues on.

Bubba:"Oh well boo me then. I really don't care as my only concern right now is to be holding that gold. And tonight I show you how bad I want that gold when I take my opponent and beat him badly in the center of this ring. Because tonight I make a statement to show Big Buzzman and anyone else that you should take my nice suggestions with a lot of thought or I may have to do things my new way."

With that Bubba laughs and begins to head to the back.

ooc sorry so late but been sick all weekend
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