Sunday 12/06/09

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Sunday 12/06/09

Post  anth0r on Thu Dec 03, 2009 3:27 am

it seems like a thunder has just stroke!
just a few seconds after it anth0rs entrance music starts playing.
anth0r makes his way to the ring wearing his civilian attire

Mike Young: Look, its anth0r. He made his debut on Hells Portal this Wednesday with a very impressive victory over Gaterr.
Steve Bloom: I wonder what he is doing here so soon.
Mike Young: Judging after his outfit he is not here to fight.
Steve Bloom: Yeah, he looks like a young John Wayne to me with this cowboy hat and the whole attire.
Mike Young: You’re right. He could be his illegitimate son or something like this.

Both men are laughing while anth0r approaches the ring.
He goes through the ropes and takes the mic from Amy Bennett

Anth0r: Soo…it looks like the worthy part of you people had to do business on Wednesday and couldn’t watch me destroying Gaterr.
The crowd BOOs anth0r.
Anth0r: How dare you people BOO me? If you are not able to live a wealthy life you at least could show some respect to the people who can.
The crowd BOOs even louder.
Anth0r: Soo…as I was saying I destroyed and embarrassed Gaterr last Wednesday. If you missed it take a look at this.
Anth0r points at the titantron. A replay of the last part of the match against Gaterr is playing.
Mike Young: Oh boy, every time I see this I feel uneasy.
Steve Bloom: Come on, stop complaining. You don’t want wrestling to be like ballet, do you?
Mike Young: Shut up, if I see this move one more time I have to puke.

Steve Bloom is laughing lustily.
Anth0r: So…I hope you are all up to date now. Of cause I am willing to give you a live example of my greatness as well.
“You suck” chants are going through the arena.
Anth0r: So, if anybody in the locker-room has the balls to fight me tonight come out!
Mike Young: Looks like an open challenge to the locker-room.
A minute goes by but nobody is coming down to the ring.
Anth0r looks like he is praying.

Anth0r: Oh my dear god, will I not be able to show my next possible customers what I am able of just because all of these wrestlers are cowards? That’s so sad.
Mike Young: Looks like all the other wrestlers have enough to do on their own.
Steve Bloom: Or they are just afraid of facing anth0r.
Mike Young: I really don’t think so, even though that Placeholder move is really frightening.

Anth0r: Hmmm...Maybe this aint as bad as I thought first. This shows perfectly that after only one fight everybody is afraid of fighting me.
Anth0r is getting ready for a pose. He touches his forehead with his index finger while saying:
Anth0r: And always keep in mind: It´s all about Business.
Anth0r finished the pose but remembers one more thing and gets back posing.
Anth0r: And don’t forget to hire me.
Anth0r winks in the camera.
Mike Young: What a shameless plug. He should be ashamed of himself.

as always feedback is appreciated Wink

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