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Your next Underworld Champion

Post  Bubba Williams on Sat Dec 05, 2009 6:29 am

We are in the hallway where we see Jessica Scott. She seems like she is waiting on someone and finally her eyes perk up and it would seem she has found who she was looking for. And at the time her eyes perk up we see Bubba Williams walk from behind the camera and come into view. He looks at Jessica Scott and just shrugs his shoulders as she begins to talk.

Jessica:"Bubba, I was wanting to see about getting some words from you about your title match tonight."

Bubba:"You mean my title match that should have happened weeks ago. And is only happening now because I took matters into my own hands. Is that what you want me to talk about?"

Jessica:"Umm. If you want to put it that way then yes that match."

Bubba:"Well Jessica that is how I put it. And as for words for my match. It is quite simple I will win my title and it really don't matter who my opponent is."

Jessica:"Ok. Do you even know who your opponent is?"

Bubba:"No I don't but it doesn't matter because I will win."

Jessica:"Ok. Well just so you know you are facing McBane."

Bubba just smiles when he hears his opponent and Jessica notices this and begins to speak.

Jessica:"I see you seem happy about the choice of opponent for you."

Bubba:"Heck yeah I am. Because if you use your brain, which to be honest I'm not sure you have one, you would know that I have already beaten McBane last season. And this time will be no different except for the fact that after I beat him I will have a title around my waist. Now I got better things to do than to talk to a ditz like you."

With that Bubba walks away and Jessica just looks dumbfounded before continuing.

Jessica:"Well there you have it from the man who is overlooking his opponent, Bubba Williams. Back to you guys at ringside."

And with that we fade to black before going to ringside.
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