The Ambush part 2

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The Ambush part 2

Post  Captain M on Sun Dec 06, 2009 5:03 am

Panda walks through the hallway looking for Underyaxs

Panda: Hey Underyaxs? anyone seen Underyaxes?

Worker: No, sorry

Panda: Well if you seen him ---

From behind Captain M hits Panda with a trash can to the back of his head. Captain lifts an arm and quickly lowers it to hit Panda's neck performing a strong Club to the Neck!!

Captain flanks Panda, and wraps one arm across Panda's chestand sweeps Panda's leg with his own leg to slam Panda back-first to the ground, executing a devastaing STO!!

Captain M grabs the trash can and smash it with power toPanda's mid-section. Captain grabs Panda's head, swinging his legs forward, bending him and slamming Panda's head on the trash can!!!!!

Captain walks away as Panda lays on the ground helplessly

(msm you can edit as you like)
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