On The Eve of War

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On The Eve of War

Post  Ice Cold Thug on Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:30 am

The Hatred by Snowgoons blasts throughout the arena and the fans look confused

CEO Destro comes down the entrance ramp alongside XeRo and Saint Joey

CEO: Yeah since LHW has finally given me the respect I deserve and has moved me from dark match jobber to mid-carder... I decided I should get an entrance song.

Crowd Boos

CEO: Thats what ide expect out of all of you but the GM is finally giving me some air time so I thought I would use it to my advantage. So for my first act of action I would like to call out my stable mate... Bubba Williams.

After a few seconds of waiting, Bubba Williams comes down he entrance ramp slapping fans hands and enters the ring confused

CEO: You and me are stable mates... were supposed to help eachother out but you robbed me. I'de like to put that behind us so what do ya say man?

CEO Destro sticks out his hand and after thinking, Bubba Williams shakes his hand drawing boos from the crowd

CEO: Ah you made the right choice... but now for my second act of action. Last week me and Saint Joey picked up a victory. Tell them about it partner.

Saint Joey: We were beating up on H.O.A to the point that Shadow Ninja felt the need to bring illegal weapons into it. We won by DQ but who cares... it a win. So we dont want a rematch so this is how its gonna be.

CEO: Saint Joey is in a title race so now regarding me. Buzzman I want you to come down here right now because im officially challenging the winner of the Underworld Championship to a No DQ match at the PPV!

The crowd cheers and Bubba Williams looks shocked. Then Big Buzzmans music booms and he comes out to the top of the entrance ramp

Buzzman: First off I make the matches around here... not you. Second off, why are you getting into the habbit of bothering me? Last week in my office and now in the ring. Where is it gonna be next week? And third..

CEO: Woah. Woah. Woah. Next week it will be at the PPV, thats where.

Saint Joey: Yeah where me and Destro win gold in the same night.

Buzzman: Really? Hows that Joey when your not even gonna be able to move after your opponent tonight is done with you.

XeRo: Whos his opponent?

Buzzman: Me!

The Crowd goes estatic as Buzzman and Saint Joey have a stare down

CEO: Wait just a minute! What about me taking on the winner of Bubba and McBane?


Ok Buzzman you can reply....
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Re: On The Eve of War

Post  Big Buzzman on Sun Dec 06, 2009 2:15 pm

Big Buzzman's face turns to an amused smirk.

Big Buzzman: "Wait! ... That's funny!"

The four men in ring and also the fans in the arena are confused, asking themselves what the general manager is smiling about.

Big Buzzman: "CEO, about two minutes ago you shook hands with Bubba, forgetting about the match you had and all the stress last week... and now you claim a title match at the PPV where Bubba may be you opponent?"

The general manager now begins to laugh, as well as the majority of the audience.

Bubba Williams looks confused, turning to CEO Destro with his eyes asking 'what?'.

CEO Destro: "Shut up, you..."

Big Buzzman: "Why so mad, man? You know I'm right."

CEO Destro: "I said..."

Big Buzzman: "Yeah, 'shut up', I understood, but I currently want to answer another point you were talking about."

CEO's face gets a dark red color, while the general manager is still smiling.

Big Buzzman: "If I remember correctly you told the audience about Joey's title race. Well, if this is a race, then Joey has to take care that nobody laps him..."

The fans start to laugh loudly and Saint Joey tries to jump out of the ring, going to attack Big Buzzman, but XeRo holds him back.

Big Buzzman: "Joey, I decided to give you one last chance at WARmageddon, but if you want to beat me down right now, then you'd better forget about this."

CEO Destro: "Well...!?"

Big Buzzman: "It's gonna be CEO Destro and Saint Joey, teaming up against 'The Monster' Ravenous... and ME!"

The crowd cheers as loud as they can, while CEO and Joey look at each other.

Big Buzzman: "If you'd win this match, the both of you get a title shot on a championship of your choice at the time of your choice... if we win, Ravenous gets this title shot and I'll keep you away from every championship belt for the rest of 2009."

Saint Joey: "We accept!"

Big Buzzman: "That's what I expected!"

Then Big Buzzman turns around, leaving the arena under the fans' cheering, followed by the other four superstars.
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