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tag match

Post  Ravenous on Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:11 am

Ravenous knocks on Buzzmans door and waits til Buzzman says he can enter.He he bends low to get though the door slauting Buzzman and than stands before him at rest with his arms behind his back.

Ravenous:First thing Buzzman is that I'd Like to thank you for letting me rip K-Ness apart.With that done I am A proud Soilder of the eXtreme World order and I will do the same to anyone that's in our way that i did to K-Ness.Second Thing Sir is to let you know that in our Tag match I will not let you down and I will destroy them and get my title shot.I will bring more power to the eWo.

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Re: tag match

Post  Big Buzzman on Sat Dec 12, 2009 2:01 pm

The general manager leans back in his arm chair and puts a self-confident grin on his face.

Big Buzzman: "Ravenous, how often have I say to you that you shouldn't call me 'sir' till you keep that in mind? I'm your friend, your partner and your eWo brother... but that's not why I wanted to speak to you. I'd like to tell you about my plan for our tag match against M.A.R.S. this sunday..."

Suddenly the screen fades black jumping back to the ring, where the tag team match is going to start.
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