sick of this sh@@

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sick of this sh@@

Post  Deisle on Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:27 am

Deisle burst though the door of Buzzmans office his head still wraped up after the horn on his title belt cut open the back of his skull.

Deisle:Buzz I know Brother that M.A.C. is your vice GM but i'm sick of this.He interfers with my match and cause me to lose and on top of that he used MY belt to cut me.He wants me in a match than he gets me Buzz.Brother not only do i want a match with him i want to destroy that punk.I want to Bry him.Brother please Buzz i Bag you make it a Bury Alive match.I want to not only beat him this time but i want to bury this whole thing.I'm done with him,I can't even have a match without him trying to jump in and that just lowers the fan interest.No one want to see that but you know what buzzman?They'll pay good money to see me bury him under a ton of dirt.So what do you say Brother?

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Re: sick of this sh@@

Post  Big Buzzman on Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:35 pm

The general manager smiles vicious.

Big Daddy Cool Deisle: "Bro, what are you thinking about? I see it in your eyes, you've got a plan!"

Big Buzzman: "Well, I've got one and it's very devilish..."

Big Daddy Cool Deisle seems to be interested.

Big Buzzman: "You won't fight M.A.C. at WARmageddon."

Big Daddy Cool Deisle starts smiling and takes a mouthful of water.

Big Buzzman: "You'll fight against MRCOOL!"

Deisle chokes on the water and coughs.

Big Daddy Cool Deisle: "What?"

Big Buzzman: "Trust me... if we want to split the HoA, we just have to provoke their leader by refusing the championship match he wants so badly."

Both men begin to laugh as the scene fades black.
Big Buzzman

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