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Your Underworld Champion

Post  Bubba Williams on Thu Dec 10, 2009 3:31 am

"A Country Boy can Survive" by Hank Williams Jr. begins to play over the arena speakers as the fans begin to boo. From the back out walks Bubba Williams holding the LHW Underworld Championship in his right hand. He slowly makes his way to the ring stopping halfway to the ring to raise the title above his head which the fans boo loudly at. He finally makes it to the ring and hits all four corners getting on the second rope of each and raising the title above his head with one hand. This of course incites the fans even more and they boo louder than they have before. Finally Bubba lays the title on his shoulder and pulls out the mic from his blue jeans pocket. After the fans calm down Bubba begins to talk.

Bubba:"Is that anyway to treat your newest champion?"

The fans boo some more and after a moment they settle down and Bubba continues.

Bubba:"Well I guess that is how you idiots are going to treat your champion. Oh well don't bother me anyways because I quit caring what you people think. Because when I did care what did I get out of it. Oh yeah that's right nothing. And what have I got since I quit caring. Oh nothing but wins and the Underworld Championship."

Bubba pauses as the fans begin to boo again.

Bubba:"Yeah shut up. Now as for tonight it seems the illustrious GM wants to try to put a threat out of commission or is that a Triple Threat. As tonight I face K-Ness for my Underworld Championship. Well let me explain this to all of you. I don't care who I face for this title because the end will stay the same. I will walk out the champion and my challenger will walk out the loser. It is just how it is and if you don't like it, well tough. Because this country boy can survive and will be your champion and nothing is going to change that."

With that Bubba looks to leave the ring.

ooc over to kness or can end it here
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