Maybe I made a Mistake

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Maybe I made a Mistake

Post  Bodders on Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:34 pm

Coming Home by Alter Bridge starts to play, before Bodders comes out and looks to be seething in silent rage, he snatches a mic from the hands of the ring announcer Amy Bennett, and snarls at her, scaring her out of the ring. He suddenly raises the mic to his lips.

Bodders: "Last week, I turned 18 on the 4th of December, and last week, I picked up the biggest wins of my career,"

Bodders looks up to the Titantron.

Bodders: "Show the footage,"


MRCOOL gives the touch to Bodders who enters the ring!

Bodders and MRCOOL lift Big Buzzman by the neck

and slam him violently to the ground executing a devastating Double-chokeslam!!


sticks his hand in the air waiting for the opponent to turn around
before he grabs the opponent by their throat and lift them in the air

Bodders suddenly slams the opponent down to the mat back first as hard as he can executing MORTAL Art of Destruction!!


Mike Young:Bodders with the Art of Destruction thats gotta be the match.

Steve Bloom:Woo hes bleeding!!

Bodders tries a pinning maneuver

Dan Moore starts counting...




Amy Bennett: "And here are your winners, the team of Bodders and MRCOOL, the Harbingers of Armageddon!"

Mike Young:Thats the match and what a match it was for Bodders and Mr cool.

Bodders tucks Big Daddy Cool Deisle's head in his armpit and wraps his arm around the head

then raises Big Daddy Cool Deisle
and falls backwards, arching his back and legs, slamming Big Daddy Cool
Deisle down to the mat shoulder and neck first, executing a devastating Death's Suplex!!

Bodders gets on the top turnbuckle with a jump

and leaps toward the prone opponent hitting him with his head, performing a violent Diving Headbutt!!

Bodders tries a pinning maneuver

Sean Rice starts counting...






Amy Bennett: "And here's your winner by pin fall, Bodders!"

As Bodders' hand is raised, M.A.C. slides back into the ring.

Steve Bloom: "What the hell!?"

M.A.C. picks Bodders up piledriver style and piledrives Bodders 's head once, no twice, no THREE times before powerbombing Bodders into the mat executing an MORTAL Endless Drive To Hell!!

Mike Young: "What did we just see here?!"

M.A.C. grabs a mic.

M.A.C.: "Deisle was mine first,
Bod... you want his title, then you come through me! I have a
proposition for you two. Well, it's more like a commandment. This
upcoming PPV, it'll be Deisle, versus Bodders..."

The fans start to boo.

M.A.C.: "I'm not done! It'll be you two... against me in a triple threat match for the eXtreme Demons Championship!"

The audience's booing turns into cheers.

Mike Young: "Woah! What a match that'll be!"

End of the Footage.

Bodders looks at the footage that seems to make him more upset by the minute.

Bodders: "Last week, I pinned our GM, Big Buzzman in that tag match and he experience the Art of Destruction for the first of many times that are going to happen. And not only that! I pinned the eXtreme Demons Champion in a non-title match!! In all honesty, I should by all means get a title shot, but, there's something that's bugging me."

Bodders pauses for a moment.

Bodders: "M.A.C.!! You think that you can attack me just because I'm a member of the Harbringer of Armageddon, a stable which you are the leader of, and because you want the same title as me, well, you're wrong!"

Bodders sneers into the mic slightly.

Bodders: "I can do whatever the hell I want to! I'll go for any title I want to and I'll face off against whoever I want to! Cause I'm the Angel of Death!! And that also means, that I could just leave your stable at anytime I want to!!"

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