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Post  Mezzanotte on Fri Dec 11, 2009 1:15 pm

Camera flashes to the LHW spa where the King of the Hell Champion, Mezzanotte Marauder is getting a massage from Jackie the masseuse.

Jackie: "Champ, can I ask you something?"

Mezzanotte: "Look, I'm flattered, but I don't have time to take you out. I have my biggest title defense yet tonight."

Jackie: "So are you worried? You didn't really seem that tense today."

Mezzanotte: "No, not at all. Joe is about to find out what it feels like to really get your ass kicked. In fact, if you know CPR you might want to hang around during our match, he might just need it!"

Jackie: "I'm a little rusty on my mouth to mouth, would you mind if we practice?"

Mezzanotte: "Like I said Jackie, Joe might not be much of an opponent, but I still prepare for every match the same, physically and mentally. Come find me after the match for a post match rubdown if you want but I need to concentrate."

Jackie: "Well if you don't mind, I really wanted to ask you about which faction you are joining. This is the PPV and you said that you would have an answer for us."

Mezzanotte: "Oh yes, am I going to join EWO, Extremely Wounded Oldfarts, or HOA, Hobbled Old Asschumps? I did say I would answer tonight, and I am always a man of my word. I have been going back and forth on this, and you know what I decided? You know who I will fit in with best? You know who is going to bring in the champ to their stable?"

Jackie: "Please tell me Mezza, I won't tell anyone, it can be our little secret!"

Mezzanotte: "Sorry Jackie, after the match, just like every one else. Speaking of after the match...."


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