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Post  K-Ness on Sun Dec 13, 2009 6:48 am

*the camera comes in on The Triple Threat in the locker room and K-Ness seems angry*

What the hell!? You 2 don't have the mental capacity to enter the cage and kick the crap out of Rav again!?

Bubba: Thats not fair. We were held back by the eWo.

K-Ness: I don't wanna hear it! You know what this team is through!!!

*K-Ness decks Bubba and Bubba falls then decks CEO and starts attacking him then goes back to Bubba and Darkness Busters him through the bench then leaves the room and the camera focuses on Bubba & CEO lying knocked out on the concrete floor*

OOC:Edited by TSN kness nice rp not many errors just a few spelling and no ital n you should bold the move that you did and put who the camera focuses on other than that well done mate Very Happy

K-Ness:Thx I think we should do more LHW.com stuff like ads for it and exclusives and all that


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