bringing in the new season.

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bringing in the new season.

Post  Deisle on Thu Dec 24, 2009 7:54 am

The hard rock music for the eWo comes over the PA.Out walk the eWo,Deisle at the front followed by Big Buzzman, and Shootingstar.They all slap hands with those fans that like them and jaw with the ones that don't.Deisle takes a sign from of his fans that says"Deisle power will run you down" and "eWo for life" and shows it to the camra.He gives the sign back to the fan and slaps hand moving on to the ring.He climbs to the apon and steps over the top rope followed by Big buzzman steping though the second rope and Star jumping over the top rope.The Three do their main pose as the arena goes dark other than the spot lights on the ring.Silver pryo brust from each turnbuckle.The lights return to normal as the pryo dies down.Deisle takes a mic from Amy.

Deisle:It's good to be here tonight!My brothers and I are out here to talk about everything that has been going to.Last season,I finally Buried things with M.A.C..I also have the eXtreme Demons Belt back around my waist where it belongs.We once again showed the boys in the back where the true power lies.Now before we offally bring out the newest eWo brother,I have one more thing to add to stable war of last season.Mr. Cool and Bodders,You both got scewed out of a title at my Championship.The smart thinbg to do would be just let it go and enjoy my wins but here is the thing.I extine this to you both and to any of the other members of HoA.I say to Mr.Cool and company that why not join the eWo?We never scew eachother out of title matchs.Now on to the main show.First, allow me to bring to you all.The former and future Haunted Champion, Garchamp.

OOC:niow either Garchamp or buzzman enter.

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Re: bringing in the new season.

Post  Big Buzzman on Fri Dec 25, 2009 3:05 pm

The spotlight that lightens the middle of the ring turns dark and only flashes followed by sounds of thunders illuminate the arena, before the titan tron shows Garchamp's new entrance video.

The former Haunted Champion makes his way to the ring, doing high five to the fans.

When Garchamp arrives the ring, he slides in and shakes hands with his friends. Then the arena lights turn on completely and he climbs the second turnbuckles of each corner, taking turns.

While Garchamp ends his taunting, Big Buzzman gets the mic from Big D and gets ready to send some words to the [LHW] universe.

Big Buzzman: "Wow! What a reception! Thank you, L-H-W!"

The audience cheers, loving to see the new season starting one week earlier than planned.

Big Buzzman: "I hope you all had a wonderful christmas time with your family and friends... we had! And tonight we wanna celebrate the end of 2009 with some great matches and a big surprise for all of you. I only say this... 'tonight I'll fight an old friend'."

A loud murmur comes from the fans, but as the general manager lifts his hand to continue speaking, everybody is silent.

Big Buzzman: "You wanna know who it is? Well, you'll see later tonight. As well as our new friend Garchamp in a championship rematch against Dooms day... and it's No-Holds-Barred. Bro, anything you wanna tell us about that?"

The general manager reaches the microphone to Garchamp, who looks down to Big Buzzman's hand, starting to smile.
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